Several approaches are used to treat and prevent abnormal beating of the heart:
  • Medications may be used to restore the heart rhythm back to normal, control the heart rate and prevent blood clots from developing.

  • Electrical cardioversion may be used to restore normal heart rhythm with an electric shock, when medication doesn’t improve symptoms.

  • An Electrophysiologist, who is a specialized type of cardiologist, can utilize energy sources to perform procedures when medications don't work. During these procedures, bursts of energy are delivered to destroy tissue that triggers abnormal electrical signals or to block abnormal electrical pathways. These energy sources include laser, radiofrequency, cryothermy, microwave and ultrasound.

  • The Maze surgical procedure may be performed to disrupt electrical pathways that generate AF. During this procedure, the heart surgeon uses a scalpel or an alternative energy source to create lesion lines that interrupt the erratic electrical energy causing AF.